Eastern Europe and Balkans


  • RefuComm is a project that was born in the middle of a field in Croatia. Over the past few months we have been coordinating supplies, convoys and volunteers, built camps, provided food, water shelter and funds to thousands of refugees with a focus on ensuring women and children were taken care of as best we could with limited resources. We have built up a lot of expertise and intelligence by working directly with affected refugees. We are organised and have good contacts and communication lines. We are in the process of building the website right now. For the moment see the link to the crowdfunding below. Thank you, Sharon and the RefuComm team.


                facebook page:


  •  One of the projects is ski wear and thermals for the refugees moving through the balkans. if you want to donate here you have the details: Sharon Silvey, UK Account:  Acc no: 48254784  Sort code: 09 01 33 — German Account: IBAN DE11 7007 0024 0615 2482 00 –BIC DEUTDEDBMUC.Address: Sharon Valerie Silvey, Seidlhofstraße 18 Munich 80639Email: sharonsilvey1@gmail.comTelephone: +49 176 723 18123

               Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/Ski-Wear-for-Refugees-         193523620982366/timeline


  • TO IMMEDIATELY HELP REFUGEES ON THE BALKAN ROUTE?  The independent, individually organised volunteers from Croatia working along the route have  put all info you need to know below:1) where to deliver DONATIONS (trucks, vans, burning hotspots where they are needed: “like” the “Are You Syrious” FB page and send a PM (private message). 5 people are replying to them throughout the day, and have all the up-to-date info on where the help is most needed. Please, allow them a couple of hours to check the facts – situation on the border sometimes changes 3-4 or more times in one day so you might end up re-directed if you are going straight to the border! However, if you are delivering to our storages in Zagreb, then the address you get is 99% of the time gonna be final, and you will get a phone contact of our amazing storage fairy Cyrille:)2) where to send FINANCIAL help: Sam Sara is responsible for that. Her PAYPAL on which you can send money: kojidamibudenick@yahoo.com. Please, PM her if you need an IBAN. Sara is posting photos of every single bill so you see what and where exactly we spend the money on! Keep in mind that we usually spend up to 1000 € per DAY on food and other immediate help (be it raincoats, emergency blankets, water, etc.). Many times in the previous days we ended up with no money for food for the people coming with the last trains… If you want to give cash upon your arrival with other donations (or simply buy food on the spot!) and not transfer money, arrange it with the Are You Syrious coordinators to see what exactly we are lacking (send a PM via Are You Syrious page!). Please, PM Sara BEFORE you send money so she can keep track of how much money has arrived as this is a private account. We are working on opening an account that will be able to recieve bigger amounts of money as we speak.

    In case Sara will not be able to recieve any more money due to various reasons, there is an alternative: We have been working together with HSUST volunteers on the field from the very beginning and can vouch that all the money they recieve is being used exclusively for food, blankets, raincoats, and gas for volunteers’ cars driving food and volunteers to the borders. They are registered as an NGO and can recieve bigger amounts of money. Many times in the past we recieved money from their donations when we didn’t have enough for food. Their bank account is:

    Raiffeisenbank Zagreb d.d.
    HSUST – Aktivisti dana

    Some of the money recieved will go straight to Dimitrovgrad in southern Serbia where our volunteers work with the some of the most difficult cases arriving from Bulgaria (beaten up, raped, hurt, kids travelling alone, etc…). They are continuously lacking funds and we can’t wait to be able to help them as well!

    3) where to send the EMERGENCY BLANKETS you bought online (as soon as they arrive, we are shipping them to our storage from where volunteers are picking them up and bringing them to the borders when they bring food and other help):

    Sara Sharifi
    Trg mladosti 6
    10290 Zapresic, Croatia

    4) where to send the RAIN PONCHOS you bought online (same procedure as above):

    Selma Banich
    Trpimirova 15
    10000 Zagreb, Croatia

    5) where to send smaller TENTS and WARM SLEEPING BAGS that we can distribute (at least to families, when we don’t have enough for all) in wild camps where people sleep in the open:

    Nataša Mesarić
    Dubašnička 12
    10000 Zagreb, Croatia

    6) where to send WARM COMFORTABLE SHOES (men’s and boy’s shoes from 39 to 44 are the ones we are lacking the most! Also, keep in mind that many of them have hurt and swollen feet and can’t wear stiff shoes, and please do not send high heels (!?) for women as we have no clue what do to with that):

    Anamarija Stanić
    Hrvatskog sokola 69
    10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

    7) where to send OTHER STUFF NOT NAMED ABOVE (just as an example: WARM socks, hats, gloves, scarves both for babies/kids and adults in big amounts – they are ALWAYS lacking! However, Sara usually goes to buy them in the Chinese shops from the donations money and usually also gets a very good deal♥):

    Jelena Kovačić
    Ulica Crvenog križa 24
    10000 Zagreb, Croatia

    *** All the things delivered to these addresses will be picked up from post offices and transfered to our storages immediately. Our volunteers are picking stuff up from the storage places every day when they go to the field. All the other volunteers going to other locations besides cro/slo border can also arrange to pick stuff up from us and bring them where they are needed (although, as we know, it is next to impossible to bring humanitarian aid to Serbia and Macedonia at the moment…). Please, if you have a really big donation you would like to send, contact us via PM through Are You Syrious page beforehand so we don’t totally overwhelm the girls and so we can see if we have enough space for it at the given moment! ***

    7) Please, DON’T send any more emergency blankets to BAPSKA addresses. We have recieved a LOT of them there♥ and they are being shared every day and brought to Berkasovo and Opatovac by our lovely local ladies Jasminka and Ljiljana who have done SO much already! Thank you for soooo much generous help!! smile emoticon I will post more photos of recieved packages soon:)


  • One of the leading NGO from Macedonia that delivers humanitarian aid. To donate:


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