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  • Proactive Open Arms is a Spanish NGO that rescues refugees in distress on sinking boats between Turkey and Greece. First line life-savers!               You can find their facebook page here
  • Thousands of people are on their way to Europe. They urgently need our help. The mission of the Intereuropean Human Aid Association (IHA) is to provide protection and assistance in a fast and efficient way for refugees.  This is accomplished with teams of volunteers working closely with local and international NGOs onsite along the European borders.  For donations please click here.
  • The Refugee Emojis keyboard is a set of 36 emojis that symbolise the real needs of refugees. By downloading the keyboard you donate to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).
  • Kricket is a map based, anonymous network helping refugees find safety and resources through crowdsourced geotagged information.
  • Swedish non-profit initiative Refugee Air to airlift Syrian refugees to safety in the EU – this is not a crowdfunding but an advocacy movement #LetThemFly  –  Press Release of 28 October 2015: “We are happy to witness the first refugees arriving in Sweden under the European Redistribution Program – and another 2,500 have been approved to fly in. Additionally, Sweden recently expanded its program for outside EU travel into Sweden by increasing its UN quotas threefold to 5,000″, says Emad Zand, co-initiator of Refugee Air. join the movement! 
  • We are raising funds to transport donations from the UK to other areas of Europe and the Middle East for the refugees. Money will be used solely for transportation costs as we ship pallets of goods (food, clothing, tents, blankets)


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