Northern Europe

Calais, France/UK border

  • Help Thair, a Syrian refugee whose story was told through the UN World Humanitarian Day campaign #ShareHumanity. Once Thair got safely to Germany in June 2015 he started a fundraiser to help his brother who also escaped Syria under the bombs in mid-September with 4 small children (Thair’s nephews). Their house was destroyed and they lost everything. They finally managed to reach Germany by mid October. As long as they are waiting for registration and papers, they do not have the right to go to school or to work. Your support to this Syrian family who is trying to rebuild a new life in Germany would mean so much! Click here to see the fundraiser.
  • Raising £600 to build at least ten emergency shelters in Calais for refugees because sleeping in a tent over winter is not ok
  • CalAid is voluntary group collecting donations for displaced people in Calais and other areas affected by the migration crisis. We believe that all people have the right to live in dignity, and should not find themselves without shelter, food, warmth or decent sanitation, and so we seek to improve the living conditions of people fleeing war, persecution, and hostilities. Your donations will help transport humanitarian aid to those in need, who are often living in the open without any ‘official’ government or NGO support. to donate:

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