Southern Europe


  • The German organization “Kinder auf der Flucht” (Children on the run) will send in November and December two teams to Lesbos. A doctor, a midwife and a medical student with other volunteers will donate their holidays to provide emergency relief for children, pregnant women and families. Every euro that you donate will 100% benefit the children and their families. With your money the volunteers will buy medicines,  emergency blankets as well as other protection means against rain and cold. All administrative costs of the association are completely donated by the members. This is the link to the fundraiser.
  • Aitima NGO with your help will provide food and warm clothes to the most vulnerable refugees through the harsh winter. It will also provide free expert legal aid to enable refugees to seek asylum and get the necessary documents to be able to work. This is the link to the fundraiser. 
  • We’re raising money to help refugees arriving on the Greek island Lesbos because they need food, water and clothing. 
  • Make a meaningful impact in the lives of Syrian mothers and babies by donating baby carriers. As of October we have reached our initial funding goal and have collected 3,000 baby carriers. Moving forward as Carry the Future, we plan on using additional funds raise to establish a no-profit and fund future campaigns that focus helping refugees with small children (baby carriers, basic supplies..). Here’s the link to the fundraiser.  Thi is the facebook page for updates.                   
  • On 19th November 2015, RefugEase is setting up camp – helping refugees coming off the boats. We’ll be working hard to feed them and put up shelter. This particular fundraiser is to pay for a 40ft shipping container filled with (already collected) emergency humanitarian aid: baby food / milk, tents, tarpaulin, sleeping bags, roll mats, clothes and toiletries to get to the island in time for our arrival.  They are small and don’t have overheads (so 100% of your donation will be spent on the cause!). This is the link to the fundraiser. 
  • Help refugees in Pikpa (Mytilene, Lesvos) which is a “squatted” old camp that it had been used as a social camping in the past. Currently, in this self-organized camp there are around 160 refugees living in tents and wooden dorms. 
  • Lighthouse Refugee Relief is a non-profit initiative founded by people from Sweden, UK and Norway. We coordinate efforts and provide emergency relief to refugees that arrive on the Greek island of Lesvos. 
  • Starfish Foundation: Dear followers, thank you for your continued support. We’ve given out incredible amounts of supplies in the past months, and need more again! The refugees need: Sleeping bags, Socks (in all sizes), Underwear (new, in all sizes), Rain jackets and rain ponchos, Men’s trousers, leggins for women, Sweat pants in all sizes, but especially for men, Clothes for kids of 10-14 year old, Warm winter scarves, gloves and hats. All other items we have in abundance, please only send the above mentioned items. If you intend to ship a large amount of supplies (3 boxes or more), please contact us in advance so we can plan to receive, store and sort items accordingly. Want to help us sorting items? Write on the package what it contains!

    All items can be sent to: Hellenic Post Office of  Kalloni, C/o Starfish Foundation

    81107 Kalloni, Lesvos GREECE

  • Jane Braun (Volunteer)
    Going to Lesvos in November and hope to donate much needed funds to voluntary groups on the ground there to buy essentials for refugee children and their families. I am also helping in organizing shipments of emergency supplies to Lesvos to include warm clothing, blankets and footwear. Click here to see the fundraiser. 
  • Raising funds to bring medical doctors to Lesbos to provide medical care to refugees
  • Looking for donations of wheelchairs for children and adults

  • The volunteer group Kos Kindness desperately needs a larger car to help delivery aid to the refugees from our warehouse. This will help their team run much more efficiently and help the refugees get the items for their onwards journey. Click here to see the fundraiser. Thank you for all your support.
  • Volunteer Razwan Hussain and his friends will be taking much needed supplies and essentials to Lesbos. Mission will start 15 November. Click here to see the fundraiser. 
  • This volunteers’ group will be taking baby carriers and other aid to the Syrian refugees on the Greek island of Leros. The funds will pay for the aid to be transported to the camps, but mostly to buy essentials such as food and nappies while over there and distributing them to the refugees. They are also taking donations of clothing, footwear blankets and other necessities. Click here to see the fundraiser. 

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